Dying Light Game PS4
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Dying Light Game PS4

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  • 3.5 van 5 sterren op deze recensie

I really liked and enjoyed the game. The fact it's like mirror's edge but with zombies in it had caught my attention before it even got out! And the story had been pretty nice. It was scary yet thrilling at first, especially at night. And the more you progressed the nicer it got. Sadly the more you level upped the easier nights would be which made it a bit less scary. But still worth everything! Seeing the price it is definitely worth the money. You can replay it a few times without getting bored of it. Because of this I am stoked to play the following asap. Also it has some cute stuff in it. The place you're staying at night will be filled with drawings on walls which the kids made. While your room you're staying will be filled with all the stuff you found and encountered. For every first person lover, every zombie fan and everyone who enjoys a bit of action. then it's a must buy!


September 25th 2016

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Genre Action/Adventure

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